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Magnetic Insect Screens sells online direct to the public so you can buy and save on all types of DIY fly screens.

Flyscreens DIY Magnetic Insect Screens are a family business which have been around for over 15 years.

Our customers have always loved our prompt service, quality of products and price.

Magnetic fly screens the ideal solution for hard to screen windows.

Unlike standard insect screens, magnetic flyscreens can be DIY custom fitted to nearly all types of windows; including sliding windows,double hung windows, awning windows, casement windows, louvre windows, plus many more.

Your windows can be opened wide without fuss with a magnetic fly screen fitted to it.

Opening and closing your windows becomes a simple process of peeling back a corner of the magnetic insect screen to gain access to the window handle.

Whatever the style of window, a magnetic fly screen will work beautifully.

Plantation shutters, casement, push out windows, wind out awning windows; none of these allowed external fly screen installation until now.

Magnetic fly screens are cost effective DIY solution, they allow an insect free house without compromising fresh air.

In many homes window sizes differ; therefore need customised isnect screens.

All of our flyscreens can be easily individually sized for your window frame.

The flyscreen  can be easily cut to measure by the home owner and ready to install.

After cutting the frame, you can simply assemble the magnetic screen and clip onto the magnetic strip which is used to line your window.

Corner handles on the screen make the newly insatlled  screen easy to clean, and remove whilst interlocking clips hold the insect screen securely in place.

Also, fly screen mesh easily replaceable.

The magnetic strip which comes in each pack, can be attached to aluminium, timber and pvc window frames.

We provide free delivery worldwide.

Once your payment has cleared; orders prepared the same day..